7 Reasons to automate your visitor management system

Many businesses are still using manual, paper-based visitor management systems, such as guest books or name tags. These systems are outdated and should be done away with completely. They are difficult and time-consuming to manage. But most importantly, they don’t provide the type of protection your organization needs when it comes to unwanted visitors.

Outdated manual systems provide little to no security, but a modern visitor management system can quickly rectify these issues. If you’re looking for a complete solution for visitor registration, tracking, and management, take a look at the benefits automated visitor tracking can bring to your business.

1. Visitor management software will quickly improve building security and employee safety.

The security of your facilities and the safety of your people are extremely important, and they have become a high priority for most organizations. Software-based lobby security provides the extra protection you require by identifying visitors quickly and accurately.

2. A good system will save you money.

Streamlining and automating visitor registration means that processing the cost of each visitor is reduced; over time, this can mean significant cost savings. There are also costs that are more difficult to measure, such as those associated with a breach of security–with an automated system these costs are all but eliminated.

3. Visitor management software increases efficiency.

Think about how inefficient the paper-based systems we mentioned above are. Now, consider a system that takes advantage of state-of-the-art cameras, scanners, and software to screen your visitors, all while quickly registering them.

4. Visibility and accountability.

Modern visitor management software allows you to identify anyone who is in your building at any given time. Additionally, most systems will give your staff the ability to detail and study a variety of visitor patterns.

5. It will improve customer satisfaction, professionalism, and staff moral.

If your security or staff is empowered to welcome visitors warmly, quickly, and efficiently, it raises the professional environment of your organization, all while keeping your staff and facilities safe.

6. Visitors can be pre-registered.

Visitors can be pre-registered by hosts, security, or the receptionist. If you know a visitor is scheduled for a meeting, all the pertinent details can be added ahead of time. Even better, confirming emails with a map, safety instructions, and other meeting details can be automatically sent to any visitors. All of this will dramatically speed up a visitor’s sign-in process, which is good for everyone involved.

7. Flexibility and the ability to grow with your business.

A good visitor tracking system is highly flexible and scalable. This means it can be easily customized to fit your growing needs. Our own Nimbus VMS system can be customized, updated, and serviced quickly through a direct, ongoing service relationship with us. It’s simple to make the changes you need when you need them.

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