Artificial Intelligence is the new way to secure your property

M Secure has an exciting new feature in its Smart Centre – Artificial Intelligence for CCTV Surveillance Systems.

Our Smart Centre is equipped with leading edge technology with “TRUE” verification for alarm conditions. We know provide analytics that differentiate between humans, animals, vehicles and backgrounds – to name a few. With the right mix of vector technology, algorithms and programable parameters, predictive monitoring is possible. This enables human behaviour modelling/programming such as loitering. Deeper insights into behaviours include facial recognition and tracking. Defining areas of interest to the criminal element,  and then tasking our system to trigger alarm events when human presence is detected is more proactive than reactive. Incidents are audibly and visibly projected in the Smart Centre and live instant imagery activates a super-fast response.

Our artificial intelligence surveillance is fully compatibile with existing systems and can be fully integrated with any brand of CCTV camera.

M Secure’s Smart Centre now offers three different types of monitoring:

  • Task-based monitoring – which comprises e-patrols and remote access control
  • Event-driven monitoring – this comprises analytical intelligence, human behaviour, custom analytical algorithms and perimeter protection
  • Alarm system replacement– where a video is sent when alarm is activated

Make sure you have the latest technology securing your commercial assets, by investing in event-driven monitoring. Call Anton Bloemhoff on 079 715 3025 or email, for an assessment.