Benefits of a Physical Security Risk Assessment

Physical security risk assessments – among other terms – have been in existence for centuries. After all, the reason many castles, forts, and other ancient barriers were built was because someone identified a potential threat and then built these structures to reduce risk.

Today, you probably aren’t going to build a castle to reduce physical dangers for your company, but the principle behind that practice is the same. A physical security risk assessment takes an in-depth look at the vulnerabilities your business faces.

Physical security risk assessment professionals focus on three primary factors: vulnerability, probability, and negative impact. Is your building vulnerable to a particular threat? What would be the negative impact if such an incident were to occur? Finally, what is the likelihood that a particular situation could threaten your staff, customers, and/or property?

You might be tempted to think that a physical security risk assessment isn’t necessary for your company, but the truth is quite the opposite. You never know when a threat might present itself, and by identifying crucial risk factors and taking steps to implement change before an incident occurs, you could avoid a major disaster. 

By implementing changes recommended by a professional assessor, you’ll gain much-needed peace of mind as you take appropriate mitigating actions. You’ll be able to reduce insurance claims for theft and violence and reduce potential legal claims if an incident occurs—but even more importantly, your diligence could protect your property and save the lives of employees, guests, and customers. Even something as simple as installing updated security cameras can make a big difference in preventing a threat that is unique to your facility.

At M Secure we appreciate the value of a thorough risk assessment and encourage companies to do risk assessments regularly.