Change has come to M Secure with repositions abound

Progress is impossible without change; this statement rings especially true to M Secure. In our 15 years of business, we have come to appreciate that adapting to change is a natural and an inevitable by-product of growth and accomplishment.

M Secure is going through some structural changes; a strategic repositioning in the interest of growth, diversification and facilitation of a new crop of M Secure leaders. It is in keeping with these interests that two of our directors, Kaashief Niekerk and Rowlin Adonis have elected to assume non-executive directorship positions within the company, giving them the opportunity to recalibrate and play more strategic advisory roles, which will confidently move their organisational focus from the mission to the broader vision. We are excited about the innovative and contemporary approach this new crop of leaders will bring in driving our organisational objectives forward, while still honouring the original framework of direction, which has seen the company through many a challenge and success.

Kaashief Niekerk and Rowlin Adonis have been enmeshed in every phase of M Secure’s development, spearheading strategic operational undertakings, which have been instrumental in the rapid growth of our organisation. This focus remains a core element of their continued objectives in their new roles. We hope that the knowledge, expertise and leadership with which they achieved success for M Secure Security will permeate through to all entities held under M Secure.

As we enter this new era of leadership, we look forward to continued success and maintaining long and fruitful relationships with our clients, suppliers and stakeholders. We extend our sincerest gratitude and best wishes to Kaashief and Rowlin, their unwavering commitment to the organisation and its stakeholders has been both exceptional and admirable. We wish them all the best in their new roles in this new phase of M Secure.