Hints and tips – keep safe during protest action

Strick action illustration

What do you do when a group of employees has decided to picket outside your offices?  They have the right to do so, but there are ways in which you can protect yourself from intimidation and if the protestors become unruly.

Here are some hints and tips on what you should and shouldn’t do if you arrive at the office and are confronted by protest action.

  • During work hours you should try not to be seen by any protestors during tea and smoke breaks – being seen at work but not protesting to the cause just aggravates and escalates the situation
  • Make sure to leave when all other employees leave/arrive and try not to arrive/leave alone
  • Keep track of planned strikes. If one is due to cross your route, rather find an alternate route
  • Do not engage with protesters in a negative way
  • If you are need to leave an area quickly, remain calm – taking aggressive evasive action that does not account for other drivers or people on the road could be more dangerous than acting calmly and slowly
  • If police and security personnel have blocked off an area, respect their actions and find an alternative route.
  • Have emergency contact numbers pre-programmed into your phone – trying to remember a number in an emergency wastes valuable time
  • Be sure to keep a relative or friend updated on your whereabouts and the development of the situation

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