Incident Driven Monitoring

Our incident driven monitoring services enable us to provide technologically based solutions which empower our clients with risk mitigating interventions. We offer two types of incident driven monitoring solutions to our clients. These are:

Video Analytics

This is software that runs on a networked device, such as a sophisticated IP camera, in an embedded system or on computing device. Applications of intelligent video systems include tracking a moving targets.

Physical Alarms

Security Beams

Point to point security beams and outdoor detectors are mounted externally as an early warning system. These devices can be linked to your alarm system. When the infra-red beam is broken, or motion is detected by the outdoor security beams, an alarm will be triggered.

Passive Infra-Red Sensors (PIR) – Motion Sensor

A passive infrared sensor (PIR sensor) is an electronic sensor that measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view. They are most often used in PIR-based motion detectors.

Connected to our Smart Centre platform, our Incident Based Monitoring solutions can capture all activities from any source. Incidents are managed from the Smart Centre via onsite alarms triggered by everything from:

• Physical Inputs
• Standard Building Alarms
• Intelligent Video Analytics
• Electrified Fences

Our Smart Centre CCTV Operators are trained to manage any Alarm Activation and can connect to your premise remotely to access the NVR/DVR to view any intruders attempting to gain access. Other additional services within the incident driven monitoring solutions include:

Acknowledge Alarm Activations

Acknowledgement of activated alarms involves the regular monitoring and checking of alarm associated cameras tracking and determining the triggers for each incident.

Footage Investigation

Footage investigation involves the extraction and offsite assessment of captured footage and the broader investigation of each incident.

PA system (Audio)

This solution enables Control Room CCTV Operators to communicate directly with intruders to prevent further intrusion.

Virtual Guard Tours

Our virtual guard tours are an additional layer of security, enhancing the performance of allocated resources. The solution is connected to and overseen by our Smart Centre operating officers, ensuring live and on site security of your premises. Some of the capabilities of our virtual guard tours solution include:

• Guard Activity Checks
• Employee Activity Checks
• Perimeter & Gate Checks
• Camera and Alarm Tests
• Date and Time Checks

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