Loadshedding – The importance of a healthy alarm system battery

South Africa faces a high likelihood of extended periods of load shedding for the foreseeable future, as well as challenges faced by our power utility to maintain its network and also meet the nation’s power demands. Energy expert, Ted Blom, warned this week that he expects a high probability of Eskom needing to implement stage eight of loadshedding before winter.

It is recommended that all homeowners and business owners test their alarm and security systems on a regular basis, but this has become more important now than ever before. During these periods of cyclic load shedding, you need piece of mind that your alarm is still fully operational and functioning, and that is completely reliant on having a healthy alarm backup battery.

If you have a stable and correctly programmed security system coupled with a battery that is in a good condition, it will continue to protect your home or your place of work during any power outage.

Our Technical Team is always on hand to test and, if need be, replace your old back up battery.