M Secure provides Close Protection and Strike Action services

M Secure caters for a wide range of security needs – from special event guarding, to standard guarding and even close protection (bodyguards) and strike action. Many organisations do not realise that M Secure can assist with the latter two services. As management you need not seek the assistance of a third party organisation to assist with close protection of high-profile executives, nor when needing to diffuse or disperse strike and protest action.

Close protection

Our Close Protection services cater to various individual security needs. M Secure’s Close Protection Services Unit is able to defuse any perceived threat. We cater for everything from business executives to celebrities, to politicians, to individuals with unique close protection requirements. Our Close Protection officers are experienced in delivering both short and long-term protection to your guest of honour. We offer services which cater for many needs – we’ll provide you with individual officers or teams, depending on your Close Protection needs.  So whether you’re hosting a group of politicians, or a celebrity for a day or your CEO from the states for a month, our Close Protection service will be able to cater for your special guests’ requirements.

Strike Action Teams

Whilst our Close Protecion unit will look after your famed guests, our strike action teams are ready to be deployed should a situation of dispute arise between your employees, unions and management.

Our Strike Action officers are specially trained and experienced when it comes to dealing with sensitive, volatile and potentially violent group actions. They have been specifically trained to manage advanced risk scenarios in destructive behavioural environments. These officers are mandated to keep such situations calm and neutral – all the while respecting the right of the people to protest and the purpose of their protest action. They will only intervene if and when protestors become violent or destructive, particularly towards the client’s property. Our highly trained Strike Action Team only ever deploy non-lethal methods to contain any situation which may have erupted from peaceful picket to a borderline riot.

If your organisation is ever faced with such a situation, be sure to contact the guards on duty or to call us should you require extra resource on the ground.

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