Meet the team – Anton Bloemhoff, Technical Manager


Anton Bloemhoff joined M Secure as the Technical Manager in mid-2018.

Anton came to M Secure with a wealth of experience and knowledge in running business divisions, and technological and industry knowledge – having worked for Kyocera, Nationwide Security, Atlas Security and as an industry consultant. 

He has a passion for anything ‘techie’ and aims to launch the technical business unit to new heights – being the preferred supplier and industry leader.

Anton feels that the security industry is fundamentally about communication – devices should communicate accurately with each other and be in good working order. ‘This ensures early and accurate responses which maintain the safety of client premises’, he says. He believes that staying up-to-date with the cutting edge of the industry and technology is what sets M Secure apart as a leader in the industry.

When not at work, Anton is a true family-man – spending quality time with his family. Anton is also an accomplished carpenter, who plays guitar, and loves anything to do with technology.

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