The Ever-Growing Advancements of Technology in the Security Sector

South Africa is building and using sophisticated technology to combat maritime crimes and make its notoriously treacherous oceans safer for seafarers. A new Institute for Security Studies (ISS) report shows how a variety of measures are being implemented to improve the country’s overall Maritime Domain Awareness.

South Africa’s location at the meeting point of the Atlantic and Indian oceans and astride the globally important Cape shipping route, means thousands of vessels constantly approach, transit or depart the country’s maritime domain. While most are innocently going about business, some are involved in illegal fishing, poaching, smuggling and trafficking and could pose a security threat if allowed to proceed.

The country’s approach allows authorities such as the SA Navy and the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries (DEFF) to remotely track and determine whether to intercept suspicious targets. It can help identify patterns of criminal behaviour at sea, highlighting areas where illegal activities are most likely to occur and compiling a database of culprits to monitor and take action.

Integrated Vessel Tracking technology is key to dealing with both the sheer number of vessels at sea and that some switch off location transponders they are legally obligated to carry. Location and identity data acquired from radar imagery, observations by coast watchers, patrol vessels and ship transponder signals picked up by satellites are fused with intelligence into a common operating picture.

The same idea can and should be applied to all facets of security in the country. Because of the type of technologies available these days as well as the accessibility offered, there is no reason to not be utilising smart technologies as part of your security solution. M Secure has scalable solutions that can be tailored to site specific needs. A streamlined process where smart security technology seamlessly works in tandem with physical presence will always provide an excellent security solution that manages risk in the most effective way possible.