The importance of Security System Maintenance

Electric Fence and perimeter maintenance are essential for ensuring your security. People rarely buy a car without a maintenance plan and so it begs the question of why your electric fencing and security should be any different? To demonstrate a real-world example of the benefits of perimeter maintenance we can run through an incident that happened on a client’s site.

Our client reported a fault in their fencing and as such we were monitoring the fence with heightened vigilance. At 13h35, the M Secure Smart Centre received an alarm from a camera that picked up two unknown individuals approaching the perimeter. They were captured jumping over the perimeter and Armed response was dispatched immediately. M Secure officers spotted the two trespassers which led to them fleeing the scene before anything could be removed from the client’s site.

At 18h18, the M Secure Smart centre received an alarm and noticed two men approaching the same area of the perimeter, suspected to be returning. Again, armed response was notified and dispatched to the client’s site. Two minutes after gaining access to the site the two men were seen leaving with stolen goods, completing their scuppered attempt from earlier that day.

Because the fault had been recorded, the control room was aware that they had to monitor the fence more closely. The maintenance contract in place allowed us to factor in the increased risk and ensure it was proactively mitigated, leaving the client supported throughout the repair process.

This should encourage everyone to be proactive and have a professional team service your security solutions on a monthly basis. We further recommend our comprehensive maintenance packages to ensure the regular inspection of your CCTV equipment. We also offer 24 hr off-site monitoring solutions for your premises, via our Smart Centre.