What does our SAIDSA accreditation mean?

It is important to know that when a security system is purchased, an ongoing relationship is entered into between the you and M Secure. We must have the infrastructure and required expertise to support your needs on a continuous basis. One of the biggest factors in having the ability to do so is to be fully compliant with and accredited by The South African Intruder Detection Association (SAIDSA). This accreditation is voluntary, but it provides the platinum standard for the requirements, infrastructure and physical specifications of any control room, such as our Smart Centre.


All companies listed on SAIDSA’s Approved Register have complied in every way with very stringent standards which SAIDSA has promulgated with regard to control rooms, alarm installations and reaction services. Our Smart Centre in particualry is contiumally inspected in torder to guarantee the maintenance of the standards and accreditation.

A complaint of an approved service provider will be investigated by the Executive Committee of SAIDSA and, if not satisfactorily resolved, the member may be removed from the Register.

SAIDSA as an organisation have appealed to members of the public and industry to familliarise themselves with the importance of selecting a reputable company which complies with the SAIDSA standards. They publish a list of accredited service providers on their website – www.saidsa.co.za

How does the SAIDSA accreditation benefit you?

  • The organisation has been vetted, is experienced and conforms to acceptable standards.
  • The organisation has a minimum number of employees and adequate infrastructure to support their operation
  • The organisation must offer a 24-hour contact and repair service throughout the year.
  • The organisation must use a control room that is properly constructed and supported as described in SAIDSA’s By-law 1 or 6. You can download these here http://www.saidsa.co.za/Bylaw1.pdf, http://www.saidsa.co.za/Bylaw1.pdf
  • The organisation is capable and willing to install to the recommended standards laid down in SAIDSA’s By-law 5 – http://www.saidsa.co.za/Bylaw5.pdf
  • The organisation is capable and willing to use or provide reaction services as prescribed in SAIDSA’s By-law 3 – http://www.saidsa.co.za/Bylaw3.pdf

Essentially, with particular reference to the M Secure Smart Center, the SAIDSA accreditation shows that we have applied the best in class standards in the construction, maintenance and infrastructure of our Smart Center. This also includes the business continuity plan, which has specific instructions on how to run the Smart Center off-site and remotely, should any disaster befall the M Secure head office. 

So, you can rest assured that if such an event should occur, the monitoring of your premises would continue seamlessly and around the clock.